Wells Road

Luis Jimenez

This place was a joy

to a drunken old man-

rainy June day,

stuck in the mud,

memories made-

right on this bench.

A field full of love

where we would escape,

dancing out in the open

to no music at all,

our bodies were one

and our hearts were connected.

The porch became a haven

to my smoke filled imperfection

as you watched from afar

in your car for protection,

my sin left behind-

hidden on a barrel.

It was all too familiar

for a girl like yourself,

the evils of flowers

had shown you ruin before-

so all along I knew

this road would end.

I could never blame you

for your Little mind,

we each need an escape.

I remember all of the suspense,

over a pretty dress-

so much so the color brings me thoughts.

Moments taken for granted,

make for painful memories.

Yet when the acre comes to mind,

I laugh.